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Sep 17, 2018


Travel is enriching and we recommend it. Sometimes one must travel alone. How do you stay safe? Where do you keep your money and documents? What's "SA"?


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:24 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
   Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:44 - Newark airport and the attached Marriott hotel

 - - - 

Main Topic -> Traveling Alone 

7:48 - Traveling alone as a woman -> Safely.

8:48 - Ensuring money and ID is safely hidden (away from zippers)

10:02 - Taxi wallets

10:40 - Hiding cash in your bra when out and about

12:17 - Keeping valuable safe (and tracked) in a hotel room to protect from confusion

14:18 - Keep money and ID on you AT ALL TIMES - keep a color copy of your VISA in a separate place from your actual VISA and make sure a trusted person back home has access to a copy of that as well

17:08 - Be aware of stairwells and places without cameras/etc

19:30 - Situational Awareness! (Close your door completely when you leave AND when you go in)

21:30 - Lock all available locks on door

23:15 - Better to deal with a bit of embarrassment than it is to be unsafe -> go to a public space if someone "doesn't pass the elevator test"

  – – – 


31:36 - Gadget picks and LifeHacker articles

 Piper - kobutan -> or -> tactical flashlight

 Gail - poncho for hiding (disguising/hardening your target)

 - - - 

30:14 - Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

- - - 

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