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Nov 27, 2018

 Travel vouchers can turn a stressful travel whammy into a new experience.  Honest!  And, what should you do about lost luggage?


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:20 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
   Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

0:44 - Gail and Piper discuss Smokey Mountains Writers' Retreat

3:39 - Map out your journey ahead of time (screenshot your map in case you lose cellphone service in rural areas)

5:42 - Going to Urgent Care (or emergency room, or doctor) while traveling

9:00 - Traveling to the middle of nowhere can be fun - hole up in the cabin near the fire while others go out and hike/snowboard

 - - - 

Main Topic -> Travel Vouchers 

11:21 - obtaining airline vouchers (example: plane overbooked)

13:01 - taking a later flight (risk/reward)

13:51 - don't accept the first offer! Offer will improve as the time for the flight approaches

14:56 - tips for college students on holiday travel

16:12 - use resources like SeatGuru to recon your plane

16:44 - don't lose your voucher! Take a picture of it

19:06 - dealing with having your luggage lost

21:41 - keep a photograph of what your checked bag looks like on your phone to help describe your suitcase on the report

  – – – 


23:35 - luggage accessories

 Piper - airline app for the airline you're flying (luggage info syncs)

 Gail - distinguishing mark on your luggage (ex: octopus)

 - - - 

29:01 - Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

- - - 

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