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Nov 20, 2017

Preparing to travel made simple: keep your kits packed and ready. Travel kits come in all colors/textures/sizes and should be machine washable. Ready to kit up?


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:32 - Intro

0:55 - This Week's Trip (just how much do these ladies travel?)

1:37 - Piper's Travel comes in two parts; day-job (85% of the time) and author trips

2:12 - "You live in transit Piper." -Gail

2:16 - Piper breaks down her typical (consistent/inconsistent) travel schedule for work

3:00 - "The 'oops' of being scheduled on two projects at the same time => literally flying ocean to ocean each week for six weeks"  -Piper

3:46 - Piper travels to conventions for author stuff: networking, book-signing, teaching and instructing, etc

4:53 - Gail travels as a full-time professional author to essentially a convention a month as well as multiple writing conferences each year and (the thing she hates) two-week long book tours

6:12 - The infamous hellmouth airport of DIA forced Gail to do a 20 minute signing at ComicCon

7:13 - Preferred traveling days (avoid Friday and Sunday)

8:08 - The perks of being a westcoaster in overcoming jetlag - it means you can stay up late and hang out at the bar when you travel east

9:07 - Arrive early, volunteer, meet the staff, and have fun

9:30 - Dead dog party ("secret" post-con meetup the Sunday night after a convention finishes)

10:08 - Main Topic  ->  Kits!
 -tea kit
 -redeye kit
 -sleep kit
 -emergency kit ("Piper Repair Kit")
 -emergency repair kit (for vintage dresses or corsets)
 -makeup kit
 -lipgloss kit
 -electronics kit

10:54 - Preparing yourself for "the zone of the hotel" -Gail

13:29 - Corset corner (tips and warnings for wearing)

13:53 - "Kits permanently live in their kit state." -Gail   (always packed and ready to go)

15:08 - When do you refill your kits if they're always packed?

15:36 - Adjusting the makeup kit based on season, location, and purpose of visit (keep the basics in there always: base, foundation, eyeliner)

16:44 - "Bigelow and Lipton's are verboten"

17:09 - Varying your kit bag based on its purpose (color and texture); so that you can produce the desired kit when unable to see into a bag

18:46 - kits help organize your "bag of holding's" pocket universe

19:21 - Zippers are king

20:06 - Yay Gadgets!
 -Piper -> kit bags from
 -Gail -> TravelOn zipper envelopes (great intro to cheaply figure out what sizes/types of kit bags work for you)

24:18 - Piper's been experimenting with silicone (bottles for storing shampoo's, lotions, conditioners, etc)

26:39 - ZojiRushi (Japanese thermos company) food storage mug

28:15 - ZipLock bags are wonderful kit bags too (waterproofing)
 -or a garbage bag to become a poncho for your carry-on
 -and don't forget to double up your ziplock bags

30:11 – Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl