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Mar 22, 2021

Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake discuss their favorite foods to order, so that it comes to each of them.

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Foodie Desires

Piper's must obtain:

  • Instant packs of โจ๊ก (Thai Jok, rice porridge) from Thailand
  • พริกป่น (Thai Prik Bon, Thai Roasted Chili Powder) from Piper's stepmother
  • Plant seeds for ผักบุ้ง (Thai Water Morning Glory; Water Spinach)

Gail's must obtain:

  • malty tea leaves from UK
  • Tea leaves from Thailand, via California distributor
  • Hale's Blue Boy Sala Flavored Syrup


ครัวชั้นสูง - High Zone Kitchen

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