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Jul 5, 2021

Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake are planning travel to Thailand, together! They share some of their planning stage thoughts.

Where has Gail been?

Gail went into a 2 week self-quarantine for family reasons and made the best of it as a writing retreat. 

Going to a remote, rural location was a nice change of setting and was great for easing back into travel without risking sensory overload.

Planning for Thailand

  • Time of year
  • Priorities: Fruit, Other Food, Points of Interest
  • Key locations: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, possibly Ayutthaya
  • Wardrobe and Laundry considerations


If there's one gadget Gail and Piper would test run on this trip, what would it be?

Gail: probably testing various face masks for travel, as well as wardrobe

Piper: Sarongs and versatile scarves

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Special thanks to Kelly for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening. Travel smart. Pack the snacks! 

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