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Nov 7, 2022

Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake discuss things each of them hoard when they travel.

But first! Where has Gail been?

Impromptu reunion and abbreviated writing retreat to the Boston area.

Reasons for traveling carry-on only whenever possible. Piper is mildly concerned regarding Gail's shoe choices for this trip.

Piper's Hoard-able Items:

  • Clean napkins and tissues
  • Hotel disposable (not cloth) laundry bags
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Condiments (tiny jams and tiny ketchups) - especially ones Piper hasn't encountered before
  • Shoe polish, because steampunk-y boots
  • Hotel toiletries, if they are nifty and high quality

Gail's Road Trip thoughts:

  • Baggies (including hotel laundry bags, shopping bags, etc.)
  • Snacks to go from ... a buffet
  • Condiments (especially mayonnaise, hot sauce, tiny jams, etc.)
  • Hotel toiletries, if they are nifty and high quality
  • Pain killer packets


  • Gail's gadget is a large plastic bag to use as a poncho for luggage
  • Piper's gadget is space saver or compression bags

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Special thanks to Kelly for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening. Travel smart. Pack the snacks! 

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