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Nov 21, 2022

Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake discuss their technology upgrades, respectively, and how they impact their travels

But first! Where has Piper been?

Piper compares and contrasts a trip to Salt Lake City last year with a planned trip to Salt Lake City this year.

Last year involved gaming and cooking, immediately followed by a trip to Orlando for Piper Dad.

This year, Piper is again gaming and cooking and a guest author at Brandon Sanderson's Dragonsteel Mini-Con. Then she's heading to the East Coast for family gathering over Thanksgiving.

Gail's Technology Upgrades:

  • Scrivener
  • mini iPad & bluetooth keyboard
  • Macbook Pro & wired keyboard & wired mouse

Piper's Technology Upgrades:

  • iPad Pro & bluetooth keyboard
  • MacBook Air
  • Maingear Custom Gaming PC & wired keyboard & wired mouse



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Special thanks to Kelly for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening. Travel smart. Pack the snacks! 

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