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Nov 18, 2017

Roadtrips can be rough on the tummy; how do frequent travelers cope?  Gail and Piper discuss their recent drive and go head-to-head about backpacks. Its time for #luggagewars


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:34 – Intro

1:06 - Piper and Gail's road-trip together

2:16 - "Know where your towel is."  -Douglas Adams

2:26 - What to have with you on a road trip; especially when traveling with someone like Piper who has a delicate tummy (towels, wetones, and plastic baggies)

2:57 - How to prep for a road trip (bubbles, ginger chews, and child's Dramamine)

3:47 - The beautiful in appearance and smelling California coast (horsehair, licorice, and redwoods) - especially near Samuel P. Taylor State Park

4:59 - Main Topic -> The Backpack Sasquatch

5:13 - Gail's "ism" - and why she loathes backpack travelers (she gets "beaned by backpacks")

6:18 - Piper is a backpack aficionado - and so the feud begins

7:27 - Brand loyalty to -> Tumi backpacks

9:16 - Backpack security; beware the pickpockets in tourist spots and crowded transit places

10:18 - Gail admits to being a recovering backpack user

10:55 - Backpack optimization -> keeping valuables hidden deep within (past the snacks and the emergency wipes)

12:57 - Gadgets!
    13:14 -> the backpack Gail actually likes (its collapsible!)
    14:44 -> Piper's preferred ballistic nylon Tumi backpack

16:15 - The Jackie and Laurie Podcast 

16:37 - Gail's exacting standards for baggage selection (color of interior vs interior -> the inside should be light colored, thereby making it easier to your stuffs)

17:26 – Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Safe travels and thanks for listening!
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