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Oct 30, 2017

Travel is always an adventure, sometimes a travail, and there's always that one airport we can't escape once we arrive. We call them hellmouth-airports.

Gail and Piper fly multiple times a month, enough to accumulate little "sometimes" issues and coincidental travel whammies into truly hellish experiences. In this episode our podcasters discuss the horrors of Denver International Airport (DIA), Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), then give tips on how to survive there. What do you do when that short "20 Minute Delay" becomes another 20mindelay which becomes another which... You get the idea. How can one protect their quality of life when trapped in an airport for 8 hours or more - or sometimes worse: when your one hour connection becomes a 10 minute mad-dash? Well you listen to this episode ahead of time of course! 


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:31 - Intro

0:56 - Piper and Gail's go to Jersey; but not together

1:17 - Why Gail travels (author going to conventions like: Steampunk World Faire)

2:16 - Why Piper travels (author and dayjob as a consultant; 50-80% travel)

4:24 - Singing the praises of Philly's airport
  '6:39 - Vino Volo; rewards program with $1 wine and free la amuse-bouche

7:32 - Self-care before/during flights (should you drink wine and/or eat sugar?)

9:55 - Geno's cheesesteak as an alternative to the burrito protocol (get it double bagged!)

11:24 - Hellmouth airports

12:09 - Denver (DIA); delay upon delay

13:51 - "tornado shelters" aka the steps down to the hellmouth

15:00 - best spots to eat at DIA (upstairs to get the egg-salad sandwiches that remind Gail of her British mom)

15:48 - Chicago o'Hare (ORD); canceled flight upon canceled flight

16:12 - a sushi debate (safe at airports?)

18:15 - changing gates? time to play Mario Cart

19:58 - catch a breathe of fresh air at the hydroponic garden opposite the USO

21:08 - traveling with steel reinforced corsets (aka "precious cargo") to RT Booklovers' convention

22:28 - What's your hellmouth airport?
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22:55 - Nifty travel gadgets!

23:31 - Piper's gadget: download the airline's app that you're flying on to track your gate-changes and take advantage of last minute seat changes (including cheap upgrades)

26:24 - Gail's gadget: tiny tote FOR: extra storage / pillow / great for storing that temperature transition garment and more

29:01 - inflatable what now?

30:54 - Outro and thanks to: 
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Episode 2 comes out on Wednesday, 1 November! 

Safe travels till then and thanks for listening.