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Jul 31, 2018

Sometimes traveling friends get to meet up - and that's exactly what this episode is!  A rare side-by-side recording from the ladies as they discuss how to live in hotels and take care of your voice.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:22 – Intro (Steampunk Girl by John Anealio)
   Host Introduction; Gail Carriger and Piper J Drake

Main Topics -> Hotel Living

2:02 - Flow packing
  - as soon as you arrive unpack your things to "zones"
  - pack your suitcase a little bit each night after you're done

4:30 - How do you decide when to have house-keeping come in?
  Tip: If you're a rewards member you can earn extra points by putting out your "do not disturb sign"

5:45 - Tip every day! (housekeeping staff rotates rapidly)

8:12 - Stealing from maid-carts => "Maid in Manhattan"

9:22 - Dealing with being in a "non-native" climate/altitude

  • Hydrate!
  • Ibuprofen is ok
  • Be prepared for your food choices to deviate
  • Altitude sickness can sap energy and focus; don't let it ruin your trip!
  • Ramen is your friend
  • Start the trip with a slow but kind of lengthy walk to acclimate (this can be combined with scouting out the hotel and conference area before the madness begins)
  •  Local cuisine and "special things"

16:25 - How do you save your voice through a highly social event?

  • tea is your friend
  • honey
  • pineapple juice (get it from the bartender and cut with seltzer)

20:04 – Gadgets!?
   - Feet soaking (for tired feet)
   - Pineapple juice
   - Weather report (humidity is key to check!)
   - Ballet flats


– – –

24:14 - Outro and thanks to: Producer Matt

Special thanks to Dan Sawyer of Artistic Whisper for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening; Travel smart and pack the snacks!

- - - 

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