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Nov 3, 2017

Traveling while hungry is the pits.  And when you're hypoglycemic it can be deadly.  What to do?  Initiate the burrito protocol.

Gail Carriger has a love of tasty food.  Even better when its spicy.  Travel requires food that is portable and stores well even at room temperature.  The pursuit of this has led her to develop what is affectionately known as: The Burrito Protocol.

Simply put, buy a burrito from your favorite local place and take it with you.  But what about salsa, and beans?  And what container do you place it in?  All this and more - including a story from Piper about how a hard boiled egg traveled across the globe - in this episode of 20mindelay.

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:35 – Intro

0:58 - The Burrito Protocol; what meals do you travel with (not snacks)

1:22 - Piper's trip to San Francisco to see Gail and the bay area

2:12 - Airport talk: SFO; including tips for transit from SFO to SF (the airport is actually in Daly city)

3:10 - hotels in San Francisco (library bar at Hotel Rex)

3:37 - SF Marriott Grand Marquis

3:59 - Plot Bunny -> 555 Mission Street's 'Garden of Light'

4:42 - Pilgrimages when returning consistently to a city -> Gail completes a pilgrimage to the the original Twining's Tea Shop (same spot since 1700's) - and - Fortnum & Mason's for a proper spot of tea

6:07 - The Thai 'lol' or "hahaha" -> ' ฮ่าฮ่าฮ่า '

7:11 - San Francisco food -> San Francisco chowder in an SF sourdough bread

7:56 - Main Topic -> Gail's Burrito Protocol

8:54 - Gail's burrito preferences includes delicious chicken, egg, chile relleno, (and light on the rice)

10:21 - Piper's burrito tends to be machaca (light on the beans)

11:21 - Gail and Piper agree, avoid the mess of salsa, but Gail has a trick for keeping sodium, electrolytes, and taste -> small brineless packages of pickled jalepenos

12:38 - How about the return trip food stuffs?

12:53 - small hummus packs (carbs are easy, vegetables and protein must be hunted and acquired)

13:23 - Piper is protein bar'd out

13:54 - hard boiled egg (and how one traveled halfway across the world)

16:16 - Gail's tip: grab some pre-boiled and pre-shelled eggs from the little store and/or Starbucks at the hotel and take it with you - just in case

17:03 - "Nobody's happy when you feint."

17:09 - Travel gadgets!
   17:22 - Piper's = little sandwich baggies
   17:45 - Gail's = the burrito protocol carrier, small light insulated bag with small amount of additional storage for utensil and trash baggie

20:09 - Outro and thanks to:
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


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