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Nov 29, 2017

Traveling can be hard on the body so what are frequent travelers to do?  Bath bombs, preparedness, and some quick but extra special self-spoilage go a long way.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:33 – Intro

0:50 - Self-care on the go

1:05 - Recent Travel!

  1:11 - Piper did a StayCation in the next city over at a swanky Scottsdale resort with big bathtub, fluffy pillows that - of course - was dog friendly for Corbin the Corgi

  2:37 - Gail went on her 35th annual pilgrimage with her mother (for her mom's birthday) to a hot spring; now mind you, she's only 29 too; so that's quite the trick

4:33 - Where there are earthquakes, there are likely hot springs. Gail says that's a fair trade-off - what do you think listener?

5:53 - A trip for yourself every now and again is a must

6:10 - An unplugged weekend?!  Piper hasn't been away from the internet/cell service in years while Gail goes off-grid when she goes to this onsen

7:01 - Sometimes its good to deny authors access to Twitter and Facebook; but Piper insists on always being prepared with research, notes, and local copies of writing work

8:18 - The event Piper and Gail met at - a Cabin in the woods

9:53 - Data use while traveling internationally (more on this in a future episode)

10:34 - "Most writers are on some watch-list somewhere." -Piper

11:07 - Main Topic -> Self-care on the Go

11:21 - Gail's super secret self-care hot-tip => it has something to do with magazine's (listen and find out what it is! But remember not to tell anyone)

12:40 - Piper has one for her and one for her significant other (the guy typing this: Producer Matt)

13:08 - Need to use that thick overnight conditioner for color-treatment?  Use it at a hotel so you don't have to clean the shower or wash the seats

13:54 - Sephora VIB rouge <- always get the samples so you can travel with them

14:19 - Deep cuticle oil is great for re-hydrating you, regardless of gender, and are perfect for dry overnight redeye flights

14:54 - Traveling and walking a lot?  Gail wears stilettos all day and highly recommends a super-hot water soak followed by lotion first, then fuzzy socks as a feet-saver.  Guaranteed quicker recovery!

17:30 - Don't travel with unmarked white powder; but baking soda is perfect for this soaking

17:44 - There's always bathbombs too (from places like Lush)

18:29 - Yes, I have had to have 4 root canals. Over the course of one month.  I recommend dental picks like these but I won't knock using free individually wrapped toothpicks.

20:41 - Bathbombs that make you smell like food (are apparently the best)

21:02 - The Lorde of Misrule bath bomb

21:43 - Spoil yourself with food while traveling. Don't overeat, but allow yourself a particular thing that helps make you look forward to traveling in the future
  Gail - fried foods, or stealing fries
  Piper - dessert, or beet salad (you won't make it at home)

23:52 - lower your blood-pressure while flying via food?
    Here's a great article from Harvard about taking care of your health while flying if you want to look more in to travel self-care

24:11 - Yay Gadgets!
   Gail - bath-bombs (pre-halved)
     'Spa Pure
     'Strawberry Shortcake
   Piper - Aveda "for Men composition oil"
      'Caviar anti-aging overnight hair-rescue

26:32 - bath bomb training - what's the best way to disperse it into the bath?

27:20 - bonus tip, add a nut-oil for extra decadent moisturizing

30:51 – Outro and thanks to:
            Producer Matt &
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Thanks for listening and safe travels!