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Nov 1, 2017

What adventures are there to be had on the Baltic Sea? Culture, food, and fun in cities like Kiel (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia), and St. Petersburg (Russia).   Gather amazing experiences and enjoy, until a typo ruins everything. Then, it's a "travel whammy!"

In this episode, Gail and Piper discuss recent travels in Europe as well as what happens when your luggage doesn't quite keep pace with you. Also, what's the most versatile garment? The swimsuit.  Why you ask?  Gail shares her tale of traveling to Italy as a young, innocent archaeologist who arrived for a months long stay with only a container full of plastic bags, which is not what she packed for herself.

Travel whammies are those moments when what can go wrong, does.  The harder you struggle, the more like quicksand they become.  So what do you do?  First: post to social media.  Second: adapt and overcome.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

0:35 - Intro

0:54 - Where did Piper go? On an 8-day Baltic-sea cruise through Kiel (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia), St. Petersburg (Russia)

1:52 - Why? For this:

3:12 - Piper tells us about a Marzipan museum

4:31 - Was that Dresden's foo-dog Mouse?

5:24 - Best shoes on a cruise

7:17 - Travel whammies! (When major things go wrong while traveling -> that's a whammy)

7:33 - Gail's first big travel whammy and extra uses for a swimsuit when its the only piece of clothing you have...for months

10:10 - Piper's travel hijinks led to her seat being given away on her international flight, because of a typo

13:09 - Gail teases a JFK story (from when the TWA flight was shot down)

14:34 - Travel gadgets!

14:42 - single packet anti-bacterial WetOnes!

15:47 - "It was someone else's travel whammy!"

15:55 - - to organize your unmnetionables


Outro and thanks to: 
            John Anealio for his song Steampunk Girl


Episode 3 comes out on Friday, 3 November! 

Safe travels till then and thanks for listening.