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Nov 9, 2020

Gail Carriger and Piper J. Drake discuss train travel memories through the years.

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Train Stories

Piper has very contrasting train adventure memories. First, she shares her impressions of a childhood overnight train trip in Thailand, traveling with family from Bangkok to Northern Thailand. Then, she shares college late night train rides to visit friends at other colleges. Her favorite memory is her most recent train trip experience from Seattle to Vancouver.

Gail has a similar experience with sleeper trains, though her experiences were in Europe. She also shares an experience with a commuter train in Europe in which she and her friends were not the protagonists in the story, in which they brought out the "stinky cheese and smelly meat" in the train car. And, of course, Gail has lived her best live enjoying an incredibly risky street food on a train in Peru.

This episode includes a tangent or two to acknowledge how very much both Piper and Gail enjoy a wonderful, pungent, soft, spreadable "stinky cheese" - and are willing to suffer the consequences.

Someday Train Trip Wish List

Piper's Wishes

  • Rovos Rail to explore Africa
  • Orient Express to explore Europe

Gail's Wishes

  • Canada cross-country train
  • California vineyard train trip in steampunk

Special thanks to Kelly for editing this episode!

Thanks for listening. Travel smart. Pack the snacks! 

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